Rubik’s Cube Patterns

One of the nicest things about solving (or “differently solving” ) the cube is this – you get to make patterns!

Rubik’s Cube Patterns are arrangements of the cube that have some nice symmetry to them. There are two kinds.

  • Some rubik’s cube patterns can be made by repeating the same moves over and over. So they are not only a pattern of pieces, but a pattern of moves. One example is the “Six Dots” pattern.
  • Other patterns can’t be made by any obvious pattern of moves, but they still look very nice. An example is the “Cube in a Cube” Rubik’s cube pattern.

Of course, you can also have

  • Positions that are made by repeating the same moves over and over, or by apparently random sequence of moves, but otherwise don’t look that nice.

Among cube experts, this third kind of pattern is called “all messed up”.

Below, I’ve listed a few of my favourite Rubik’s cube patterns. For each pattern, The link to each page contains a bigger picture, and also a movie showing how to make it.

The Checkerboard

One of the classic Rubik’s Cube patterns, and one of the easiest to make, too.
rubik's cube six X pattern
rubik's cube fish pattern The Fish Pattern

Here’s a nice simple pattern, with a fish on the top and bottom faces. It’s also easy to make.

Six Spots

Another classic Rubik’s Cube Pattern, also known as six dots or snake eyes.

six dots rubik's cube pattern
Rubik's Cube Pattern - Zig Zag Zig Zag

This easy-to-make pattern paints a zig-zag stripe around the sides of the cube

Four Crosses

This pattern is closely related to the Zig Zag, and is almost as easy to make.

Four Crosses Rubik's Cube Pattern
Anaconda/Snake Rubik's Cube Pattern Anaconda/Snake

This pattern has a wiggly curve that passes through all six faces

I’ll be adding more patterns to this list, so come back soon!

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